Our Progress
is Yours
Our Progress
is Yours
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Spanning 8.9 kilometers, the Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX), substantially completed in 2021, connects Cebu City to Mactan Island through the municipality of Cordova. Currently one of the most significant infrastructure projects in the Philippines, this bridge pays homage to the country’s deep Catholic roots through a lighted cross on the main bridge, highlighting Cebu’s significant role as the cradle of Catholic devotion in the Philippines. The CCLEX is a concrete example of how we have been striving to help spur national development and improve the lives of the public we serve. Ultimately, Our Progress is Yours.
About the Company
Metro Pacific Investment Corporation (MPIC) is a Philippine-based, publicly-listed investment management and holding company registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission on Marc h 20, 2006. We are a leading infrastructure holding company with diverse assets held through our operating companies Manila Electric Company (Meralco), Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation, Maynilad Water Services, MetroPac Water Investments Corporation, Light Rail Manila Corporation, METPower Venture Partners, Metro Pacific Hospital Holdings Inc., Landco Pacific Corporation, Philippines Coastal & Storage Pipeline Corporation, and mWell Philippines.
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Statement from the Board of Directors
The Board of Directors of Metro Pacific Investments Corporation (the “Company”) confirms its full support to the Company’s sustainability initiatives. The Board is aware of the importance of reporting the Company’s sustainability journey and for this reason, the Board exercises general supervision over the Company’s sustainability reporting. It is aware of the contents of this Integrated Report and finds that it fairly presents the EESG journey of the Company and its significant investee companies.

With the Board’s support, the Company invested in its sustainability initiatives by, among others: (1) appointing its Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Chaye A. Cabal-Revilla, as its Chief Sustainability Officer, who directly supervised and managed the preparation of this Report, (2) assembling an experienced and capable internal team to monitor and ensure compliance with sustainability targets, and (3) establishing an MPIC Group Sustainability Council to ensure that the sustainability efforts across the whole group are harmonized and coordinated to maximize impact to the communities where we operate.
MPIC engaged the services of DNV as an independent external party to review and validate the disclosures contained in this Report and enhance its reliability.



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