Market Trends and Outlook, Risks and Opportunities, and Business Strategies

MPIC’s business strategy has always been anchored on our vision for company and country. It is a strategy rooted in and driven by purpose, and inherent in the nature of the infrastructure enterprises that we are involved in: to achieve an all-encompassing growth wherein what we invest in benefits all stakeholders, from consumers through our basic services, and employees through an inclusive and merit-based organization, to shareholders through reasonable long-term returns.

We are committed to sustainability and have made significant progress in many areas over the years. However, given the rapid advances and changes in today’s environment, economy, and society, we have adjusted how we do what we do. In this ever-evolving external environment, we continuously recalibrate our ways of doing business by asking ourselves: how might we do better.

In recent years, we have worked on integrating sustainability into the core of our business models as part of a broader business strategy. With climate change and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, these urgent global challenges are forcing companies worldwide to be more innovative and resilient. By examining today’s trends and assessing emerging opportunities, uncertainties, and risks, we hope to better fortify and futureproof
MPIC’s business strategy.